Including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Peels and Implantable Fillers

Services-Facial SkinMicrodermabrasion, traditional dermabrasion and chemical peels (light and medium) are all done in our office. Deep phenol peels of the entire face are done at the hospital with monitored anesthesia, but perioral (around the mouth) and periorbital (around the eyes) phenol peels can be used with medium depth peels in the office to achieve a combination full face peel. Fillers for skin resurfacing and augmentation continue to evolve. Your own tissue (autogenous fat, dermis and dermal fat grafts) can be used at times. For non-autogenous material we use only those products that are FDA approved. Alloderm® is a very safe implantable material for augmentation of the laugh and marionette lines around the mouth and for lip augmentation. Although your own cells move into the Alloderm substance, it may be partially absorbed at one year. We have used Alloderm routinely in the nose as part of a septal perforation repair and along the dorsum (profile) of the nose to camouflage irregularities. Advanta® is a permanent implant of dual porosity that we are very pleased with for use in the laugh and marionette lines around the mouth. This soft implant creates a natural look and feel with long-lasting results.

As far as injectable fillers, we incorporated Restylane® into our practice when it was FDA approved in 2003. This transparent gel contains the non-animal based natural substance hyaluronic acid, and it has been used safely worldwide since 1996. Our patients have been very pleased with the results of Restylane around the mouth, for lip augmentation and “tear trough” grooves of the lower lids. BOTOX® Cosmetic, which softens wrinkles by weakening muscles when used properly and judiciously is very predictable and safe. We have been using it since 1998. Although it is primarily used for frown lines between the brows, laugh lines or crows feet around the eyes and horizontal lines of the forehead, we have been using it around the mouth with and without fillers to reduce lines and corner of the mouth droop.

Radiesse® was added in 2006 when it became FDA approved This semi-permanent filler containing hydroxylapatite is injected deeper than Restylane and can last 12 – 18 months. For some patients, it can be combined with Restylane. Touch-up injections will keep the augmented area from returning to its original condition. We will be using it for depressed acne and other scars, frown lines and nasal defects in addition to smile and marionette lines around the mouth.

Our practice added Juvéderm™ as a filler in 2008. Juvéderm, like Restylane contains the naturally occurring substance hyaluronic acid and is an excellent dermal filler for grooves and depressions around the mouth (perioral) and for lip augmentation. With its unique cross-linkage, it has been proven to last up to a year (80% of patients) whereas Restylane typically lasts around 6-9 months. There are two types of Juvéderm - Ultra and Ultra Plus. The Ultra Plus is thicker and used for patients with deeper grooves. Perlane® is the thicker form of Restylane.

We are using medical grade liquid injectible microdroplet SILIKON™ as a filler for safe permanent lip augmentation. After using it for more than two years, we and our patients are pleased with its ease of injection and natural look and feel.

Most often, we inject a small amount of local anesthesia at the injection sites for the filler of choice. All hyaluronic fillers are combined with anesthesia and anesthesia is added to Radiesse to provide a near painless filler treatment.

The addition of Radiesse, Juvéderm and microdroplet SILIKON contributes greatly to our non-invasive office procedures. We will continue to use Restylane for fine lines, lip augmentation and lower lid depressions (“tear trough deformity”). With BOTOX® Cosmetic, peels (superficial, medium or deep), fillers and Harmony AFT™ (photofacial), we can offer a comprehensive plan for non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

We highly endorse the SkinCeuticals® product line to protect, prevent and correct the facial skin. This highly regarded company with its extensive research now concentrates on products only for the face. Its menu of sunscreens (Protect) can fit any skin type. its topical antioxidants (Prevent) are in my opinion the best in the field. Its products to correct facial skin problems from acne to hyper-pigmentation are all highly regarded. My staff and I can help you through the maze of product selections.