Services-Male Facial PlasticAlthough the majority of the adults seeking facial plastic surgery are women, there is a definite increasing interest in facial rejuventation by men. As a surgeon and “outdoors” advocate, I am very empathetic with men who want to return quickly to their life’s work and outside activities. The aging process is gender specific, but there are no reasons why men cannot protect their skin and correct facial deformities and the aging process.

Rhinoplasty with or without obstruction correction remains very popular with males and procedures can be done well into a patient’s sixties. Remember that the nasal deformity that is acceptable as a teen or young adult may dominate the face as one ages. Natural results and balanced profiles are sought in men as well as women.

To stay attractive and competitive in the workplace, eyelid surgery with or without browlifting is frequently the one and only facial plastic procedure that men undergo. Rapid healing with little downtime is typical. Unfortunately, too many men wait until their sixties or seventies to have eyelid rejuvenation.

This section on male facial plastic surgery brings me to facelifting. Most men are concerned about the aging changes that occur in the jowls and below the chin. The “turkey gobbler” is an unflattering term to describe this deformity. These patients may not want or need a classic facelift. They can instead undergo a “necklift” with hidden incisions behind the ear and under the chin and avoid dissection into the face. This long lasting procedure is independent of body weight and dramatically changes the neckline and profile. Some older men can have the “turkey gobbler” corrected by a direct approach to the anterior neck and avoid the extra cost of the “neck lift”.

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