Including BOTOX® Cosmetic, Peels and Implantable Fillers

Services-Facial SkinFacial skin care products have rapidly evolved in the past 10 years and we can help patients select the proper type to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. It is an important aspect of Facial Plastic Surgical procedures to achieve the best post-operative result. 

We highly endorse the SkinCeuticals® product line to protect, prevent and correct facial skin conditions. Its menu of sunscreens (protect) can fit any skin type. Its topical antioxidents (prevent) are in my opinion the best in the field. Its products to (correct) facial skin problems such as acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation are all highly regarded. My staff and I can help you sort through the maze of products. 

Serving as the Medical Director of the Perfect Image Medical Spa in our building enables us to quickly refer patients for IPL (intense pulse light). This light therapy is used for vascular and pigmented lesions of the face and nose. Holly and Jackie also do 1540 fractional laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. 

Our practice has used BOTOX® Cosmetic since 1998. This is the most common, safe and predictable office treatment worldwide. It softens lines and wrinkles by weakening the muscles that create them. Although it is primarily used for frown lines between the brows, laugh lines around the eyes and horizontal lines of the forehead, we also use it around the mouth with or without fillers to reduce grooves and corner of the mouth droop. We always take pre-treatment photographs for first-time patients for all of us have asymmetry around our eyes and mouth. 

Injectable facial fillers were incorporated into our practice when Restylane® was FDA approved in 2003. This transparent material contains a natural substance called hyaluronic acid and it has been safely used since 1996. We now use Juvéderm™ since it lasts longer than Restylane. There are two types of Juvéderm, Ultra and Ultra Plus. For patients with deeper grooves, the Juvéderm Ultra Plus can be used. The Juvéderm collection of fillers also includes Voluma® XC for great long-lasting mid-face augmentation and tear trough correction. Vollure® XC and Vobella® XC are used around the mouth and lips and may last up to a year. All of the fillers contain anesthesia and we place a small amount of local at the injection site.

For the past two years we have used Microcanulas instead of needles for painless filler injections. These blunt tip cannulas create less bruising and swelling and they also stimulate new collagen formation. For safe Permanent Lip Augmentation, we can use medical grade liquid injectable micro droplet Silikon®. Our patients who don’t want temporary lip fillers are pleased with its ease of injection, natural look and feel.

Light, medium and deep Chemical Peeling of the facial and neck skin are done in our office. Medium Depth Peels have been very popular for patients who exhibit mild to moderate photo aging with pigmentary changes, freckling, minor skin growths, enlarged pores and fine wrinkling. Dermabrasion is used for nasal skin refinement after flap and skin graft reconstruction of MOHS defects. It also works well for deep vertical lip lines.

Although liposuction and facelifts with submental dissection are usually recommended, Kybella® is a non-surgical option for moderate fullness under the chin. This is an office-injectable treatment which permanently destroys fat cells and improves the chin-neck profile. Three to six sessions, six to eight weeks apart are usually required.