Services-OtoplastyOtoplasty, or plastic surgery of the ears, can be done for children, teens and adults; however, it remains the most underutilized facial plastic procedure. Occurring in 5% of the population, protruding ears are an inherited condition. Correction at an early age (5 – 7) can avoid a lifetime of teasing, ridicule and embarrassment. Even well-adjusted teens and adults can become more comfortable in any hairstyle or hat after surgery.

We have a long and vast experience with Otoplasty and reconstruction of the ear, using local flaps and grafts for defects occurring after trauma and skin cancer surgery. For children, general anesthesia is required; for teens and adults, local anesthesia with sedation can be utilized. The incision is placed in the crease behind the ear and permanent sutures are used to create a natural look. A soft wrap-around dressing is used and postoperative discomfort is mild.

Patients may resume school and work within a week, but contact sports or activities must be avoided for 4 – 6 weeks. This safe, predictable and gratifying operation should definitely be done more often.